Tap into over 25 years of global hospitality wisdom, knowledge, and skill.

Our hospitality consulting service for restaurants provides essential hotel and restaurant knowledge. We offer several packaged services as well as consulting for commercial, government and education.

FOH Training – Front of House Restaurant Training program provides personalized training for restaurant staff to improve customer service, efficiency, and increase customer loyalty.

BOH Training – Back of House Restaurant Training program expert guidance and customized training to improve kitchen operations, quality of food, and maximize profits.

Restaurant Turnaround – Restaurant Turnaround Consulting provides comprehensive analysis, expert guidance, and customized strategies to help struggling restaurants improve their operations and profitability.

Menu Design – Menu Design Consulting offers expert guidance and creative solutions to help restaurants develop menus that are visually appealing, profitable, and meet the needs and preferences of their target customers, leaning toward locally sourced and bio/organic products.

Recipe Design – Recipe Design Consulting provides customized recipe development and optimization services, helping restaurants create unique, high-quality dishes that meet their customers’ preferences and maximize profits.

Ingredient Consulting – Ingredient Consulting offers guidance and expertise on ingredient sourcing, selection, and quality to help restaurants create exceptional dishes that stand out from the competition.

Food Safety – Food Safety Consulting provides expert guidance and training to help restaurants ensure compliance with food safety regulations, prevent foodborne illnesses, and protect their customers and reputation.

Culinary Team Building – Culinary Team Building Consulting provides engaging and fun cooking experiences to help businesses improve teamwork, communication, and collaboration among employees while enhancing their culinary skills

Green Restaurant Conversion – Green Restaurant Conversion Consulting provides expert guidance and support to help restaurants adopt environmentally sustainable practices and reduce their environmental footprint, while also improving their reputation and profitability.