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All the essential kitchen gadgets to make your cooking efficient.

This baker’s speed rack is a key piece of hardware for the home or professional chef. If you are going to do any serious in-home baking then this is a must. Speed racks make baking a breeze.

What no toaster? Check out this top-rated Kitchen Aid Toaster Oven. A must-have for any kitchen, toaster ovens have a million uses and you can’t be without one.

Check for hot surfaces before you burn yourself with this contactless laser infrared thermometer. You will never realize how useful one of these is in the kitchen until you have one. Be sure what you are about to touch will not burn you!

Found in the pocket of cooks and chefs everywhere, this classic cook’s thermometer is inexpensive and durable. The only way to be perfectly certain about temps of meats, souffles, etc… is to take an internal temp and this is the tool for it. If you are serious about cooking you …

 The thermostats in ovens are rarely accurate and the only way to be sure what temperature your oven is at is with an oven thermometer. These things are cheap enough that I have several on hand, one in my main oven, one in my toaster, and two in my …